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Originally Caroline in the City aired between 1994 and 1999, the sitcom contained 4 seasons with 97 episodes. The main motif of the series was in a way defined in the pilot episode - "sincere amore", the true love.

Successful New York cartoonist Caroline Duffy hires new assistant to help her with coloring her comic strip. Struggling artist, Richard Karinsky, applies for the job and, mostly because all other candidates were quite scarry, Caroline hires him. His cynical and uptight nature clashes with her bubbly and warm approach to people. She was born and raised in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, but despite living few years in New York she can't help looking on world through pink glasses.

Caroline's best friend, Annie Spadaro, lives across the hall from her. She is a dancer in Cats on Broadway, but she is quite fed up with the show. Annie is street-smart and savvy, which is sort-of counterweight to Caroline's constant urge to help people.

Del Cassidy, who used to be Caroline fiancee, is a bit inept businessman, who established a company selling greeting cards together with Charlie. Charlie always wears skates and can hardly be called an asset to the company, but the two are friends and... basically no one else would want to do business with them.

Caroline works at home, which helped her bond with Richard, but Remo's restaurant is the second place, where she could be found during the day. The owner, Remo, and his right hand Johnny were also often involved in the episodes plots.

In Season 3 additional character was introduced - Julia, who was Richard's lover when he was in Italy and who broke his heart. Her arrival reignited the secret love between Richard and Caroline that kept them close together, but at the same time stopped them from being honest with each other.

If You want to know more about Caroline in the City series visit Sincere Amore - Caroline in the City fanpage.

You’ve been watching for years, but never realized it

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You’ve been watching for years, but never realized it

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