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Most fo the characters were taken from Caroline in the City (read more) TV series, but their personalities or past don't actually have influence on your journey. Also any knowledge about series episodes aren't needed to play the game, but just for the record, you should be aware of some informations about them, which will help you:

Caroline in the City online game - Caroline

Caroline Duffy

A successful cartoonist from New York. She was born in small town Peshtigo in Wisconsin, but she moved to NY to start a career as author of comic strip "Caroline in the City". In the comedy series Caroline was played by Lea Thompson (more info).

Caroline in the City online game - Annie

Annie Spadaro

Caroline's best friend, she lives in apartment across the hall from Caroline's. Annie is an actress, she is in musical "Cats" for years. In Caroline in the City Annie was played by Amy Pietz.

Caroline in the City online game - Richard

Richard Karinsky

Caroline's assistant and a struggling artist. Always uptight and depressed because his career as painter isn't working as he was expecting it would. In the comedy series Richard was played by Malcolm Gets.

Caroline in the City online game - Del

Del Cassidy

He was engaged to Caroline, but they never got married. Del is owner of Eagle Greeting Cards, company that sales some of the Caroline's work. In the comedy series Del was played by Eric Lutes.

Caroline in the City online game - Charlie


He works with Del in Eagle Greeting Cards.

Caroline in the City online game - Remo


Italian owner of Caroline's favorite restaurant called "Remo's".


Former Caroline's assistant before she moved out of New York to ger merried and Richard had to takeover her job.

Tim Walters

Owner of electronic company in Atlanta. Caroline is engaged to him and they are getting married soon.


Caroline's cat. Doesn't speak much... In the comedy series Salty was played by... a cat.

If You want to know more about Caroline in the City series visit Sincere Amore - Caroline in the City fanpage.

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