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Game rules

  1. the target is to find Caroline and convince her to marry you, not Tim;
  2. you can gain informations about Caroline from other characters in the game, but their informations might be out of date;
  3. you can use all the available means of transport to reach the locations as long as you can afford to pay for them;
  4. you have to pay for all the transportation, apart from walking which is, obviously, free;
  5. each journey may lower your freshness - keep that in mind;
  6. you will regain freshness by resting, waiting or sleeping;
  7. if you run out of money you will have to walk until you will find some ATM machine and get the money;
  8. the ATM machines are spread in the cities in logical way (not randomly);
  9. you have unlimited money available, but less you spend higher your score will be;
  10. time spent on travel between two points can be different each time - f.e. through time wasted on finding a cab or waiting for next train or plane, traffic in the cities, etc.;
  11. from 10pm to 7am most of the buildings are closed, so you can't enter them;
  12. you can sleep in hotel (if is available in the location), but you will have to pay for the room;
  13. you can sleep in other places for free, but this could be risky;
  14. when you will find Caroline her photo will appear in location view frame and link to conversation part will be visible.

Rest of the rules you will learn during the game.

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