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Agent USA online game

The idea

The concept of this interactive novel online game was inspired by good old Atari game called Agent USA - if you haven't heard about this you should take a look at it!

Basically the target was to, while traveling by trains only, find object that was moving from time to time between cities around United States. In Where is Caroline? there are many ways to travel, but the basic idea is the same: the "object" you are looking for (Caroline) is almost constantly on the move.

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Caroline in the City game

The plot

The plot of the game is rather simple - once upon a time you woke up and realized that you are in love with Caroline Duffy and simply can't see any way to live without her any longer. Especially since soon she is getting married to Tim Walters, guy from Atlanta. It really wouldn't be nice just to call her on the phone, so... off you go!

In Where is Caroline? you can travel by foot, taxis, trains, planes, buses, subway, etc.

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Caroline in the City online game


Most of the charactets are based on Caroline in the City comedy series (starring Lea Thompson, Malcolm Gets, Amy Pietz and Eric Lutes), so if you haven't seen it... well, most probably wasted your life and this game won't be as much fun as it could have been.

Althought any knowledge about the characters or episodes isn't needed to play, in case you had absolutely no idea what is this all about take a look at the characters section.

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interactive novel online game

Game rules

This is actually second, much more complicated version of Where is Caroline? online game - the first one was rather popular and I've decided to improve it a little bit and give some more fun to all Caroline in the City and Lea Thompson fans.

This version has improved engine and takes under consideration more aspects of the journey to make it more realistic.

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